Former teacher to open Keto-friendly bakery in Abbeville in November

A keto-friendly bakery that begin a a local teacher's kitchen will get its own storefront just in time for Thanksgiving.

Krazy for Keto owner Amanda Campbell started her Keto journey after her twins were born seven years ago and she later discovered that she was prediabetic. When she started meal prepping every week to keep to her diet, she said she got bored with the same meal every day and decided to start experimenting.

That's when Krazy for Keto was born. Now she is preparing to open a 3,200-square-foot bakery at 8910 Deere Park in Abbeville.

"I would make five or six different meals and bring them to school for lunch," Campbell said. "Everyone liked them so much and would offer to buy them, so I started making them along with baked goods at home.

"My friend Danielle owns Village Deaux and she started carrying some of my Keto-friendly items. By January I had to quit as a teacher and do this full time. I would be baking until 3 a.m. and then have to get my kids up and go to school to teach."

Keto is a diet trend that cuts out carbohydrates and sugars to stop the blood sugar from spiking and have the body enter a state of ketosis, a process in which body burns fat for energy because it does not have enough carbohydrates to burn.

It helped Campbell stave off diabetes, and she wants to help people overcome Keto's biggest flaw — the lack of variety in the diet, especially desserts.

The bakery will sell Keto-friendly versions of donuts, cookies, pumpkin muffins, coffee cakes and also pre-prepped meals. It will also offer dairy-free and diabetic-friendly options.

Campbell makes Keto-friendly food by using monk fruit, which doesn't cause blood sugar to spike, instead of sugar and uses almond and coconut flour in lieu of traditional flour to cut carbs.