How the Keto Diet May Help Fight Certain Cancer Tumors

Scientists are learning how diet plan may affect cancer risk. Getty Images

Keeping blood glucose levels can be useful for your total health.

Early research also indicates the benefits of keeping blood glucose levels low to help combat cancer.

Past research has actually discovered that specific growths may count on high glucose levels.

Keeping blood sugar level levels even throughout the day may help you avoid afternoon energy crashes. It may likewise fend off or assist you manage diabetes.

Now, early research study released in the journal Cell Reports suggests that restricting your blood sugar may likewise help fight particular malignant growth growths.

Scientists from the University of Texas at Dallas restricted blood sugar levels in mice by feeding them a ketogenic diet plan-- one that's high in fat, moderate in protein, and low in carbohydrates-- and by providing a diabetes drug that prevents the kidneys from reabsorbing glucose in the blood.

The combination of the diet and diabetes drug didn't diminish the lung and esophageal cancers in the mice, however it did keep them from progressing.

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" Both the ketogenic diet plan and the medicinal constraint of blood glucose by themselves prevented the additional development of squamous cell AlkaTone Keto cancer tumors in mice with lung cancer," Jung-Whan "Jay" Kim, PhD, matching author of the study and an assistant professor of life sciences at UT Dallas, said in a news release.

Both elements actually showed guarantee independent of one another, too.

" The crucial finding of our new research study in mice is that a ketogenic diet plan alone does have some tumor-growth repressive effect in squamous cell cancer," Kim stated. "When we integrated this with the diabetes drug and chemotherapy, it was even more reliable."

However, Kim and his associates report that the keto diet and drug mix had no impact on non-squamous cell cancers.

The research study remains in the extremely early phases. It's uncertain if these outcomes could be reproduced in humans.

But it joins a growing body of proof finding that specific diet plans, including the keto diet plan, might function as a complementary treatment for some people going through cancer treatment.